Fix Broken Links With Permalink Finder Plugin For WordPress

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The other day I was having problem fixing my broken internal link errors. They all led to to 404 error page. I went to recheck my plugins, change the .htaccess file, reset the permalink settings and this and that.  Nothing worked.

There are plugins which only highlight to you the list of broken links (404 and 301 redirect). They are more of a broken link checker. You need to go to fix the broken link, one at a time. 

fix broken links with permalink finder plugin

Then I found this plugin called Permalink Finder. It automatically redirect all your broken links instantly. You click on your so-called "error" link, yet it will take you to the page or post as requested. 

No need to mess with your sensitive .htaccess file.

It works like a miracle as it claims: 

"Never get a 404 page not found again. If you have restructured or moved your blog, this plugin will find the right post or page every time."

Yes, it is true indeed.

It is very easy to use. Just download and activate it.

If you want to change any options with this tool, go your WordPress Dashboard, hover your cursor over "Settings" and you can see Permalink Finder listed there.

Click on it and you can find the options there. After making your changes, then click "Save Changes" button below.

Below the option table, it even shows you how many broken permalinks have been redirected and fixed since cleared.

Use this amazing free plugin Permalink Finder Plugin created by Keith Graham and solve all your broken links instantly!

Written by: Kher Cheng Guan
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