How To Remove Uninstalled Programs From Notification Area Icons With CCleaner

The last article I wrote about how to remove Search Protect malware from the taskbar. Even though I have safely removed the malicious virus, yet I could see "HpUI.exe Search Protect " in the Notification Area Icons box when I clicked on "Customize". I can hide it from view, but at first I do not know how to get rid of this notorious malware icon for good.  Then I found the solution to this problem. Read on....

 Here is a simple tutorial on how to remove any uninstalled program icon from the box with CCleaner.

1. If you do not have CCleaner, then you can download from here:

2. After finished installing, launch it.

3. By default, it is set at Windows tab.

4. Scroll down, until you come to "Advanced" section.

5. In this section, look for "Tray Notification Cache".

6. Click on the small box next to it. A tick sign will appear in the box.  (see below)

7. A warning box will immediately pop up.

8. Click on the "OK" button.  

9. Then click "Run Cleaner" button at the bottom.

Once this is done, your uninstalled program icon should not be in the Notification Area Icons any more.

By:Kher Cheng Guan

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