How To Copy And Paste Texts From Preview Pages Of Google Books

By default you CANNOT copy and paste the texts or words from the preview pages of Google Books. Google books has disabled copying and pasting function.    

But you can still do it. This is how I copy the texts from the preview pages of Google Books; which can be edited and have it pasted on to the Notepad.

Basically what I do is I copy the wordings from the preview pages  of Google Books and saved it a JPG file. Then I convert the JPG or image file into texts with an optical character recognition tool.

This is how you do it:

1. Go to the preview pages from Google Books which you want to copy.

2. Next, you get the Snipping Tool. To get it, you click "Start" (windows icon), then click on "Accessories". Look for "Snipping Tool" and click on it.

3. Automatically your page will turn blurred. You should see a cross or a plus (+) sign.

4. Hold on the left side of your computer mouse and use the cross sign to drag on the texts which you would like to copy.

5. Once you let go of your finger on the computer mouse, you can see the copied texts inside a box.

6. Click "File" and then click on "Save As...".

7. Just give a name to the copied image and it saved it as a JPG file.

8. Now, go this free online OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool at:

9. You can see the boxed area titled "Upload images for OCR".

10. Click on "Browse" and click on the copied texts file which you ave just saved a while ago. Then click "Open".

11. Type in the captcha text as provided.

12. Now click on "Send File" button.

13. Wait for it to upload and process.

14. Once it has done, you can see the texts in the box titled: "Text recognition result".

15. Now the texts in the box can be copied, edited and pasted onto your Notepad.

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By:Kher Cheng Guan

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