How to Remove Comment Section Of Cutline Theme Pages

I have shown you before on how to remove the comment section of index page and single post page of Cutline Theme

This is a guide on how to remove comment section of Cutline theme PAGES.

*Take note: I am talking about PAGES and not posts.  Those pages for Private Policy, Disclosure, Archive, Sitemap and Disclaimer. You should see something like this below:

1. Go to Dashboard.

2. Next go down Pages and then click on All Pages.

3. Move your cursor to the page you want to remove the comment box section.

4. Automatically you will see these words: Edit, Quick Edit, Trash and View appearing under the page title.

5. Click on Quick Edit and this is what you will see.

6. There should be a tick sign in the small box next to the words "Allow Comment".

7. Click on the tick sign and it will disappear.

8. Then click on the Update button.

9. Now the comment box and the rest of the words in the page should be gone now.

By:Kher Cheng Guan

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